Sioux Valley State Cross Country

Medal Winners: List compiled by George Kiner and Bill Vincent

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1976 Kathy Nelson 19th

1977 Kathy Nelson 2nd

1977 Melonie Nelson 9th

1977 Karen VanderZee 16th

1978 Kathy Nelson "STATE CHAMP!"

1979 Kathy Nelson 3rd

1980 Kathy Nelson 3rd

1981 Kathy Nelson 13th

1983 Lisa Torgrude 15th

1991 Tiffany Gross 16th

1992 Tiffany Gross 17th

2001 Kari Linneman 12th

2005 Kari Linneman 18th

2007 Larisa Sapp 19th


Best Team Finish: 1977 State Runner-ups

Kathy Nelson, Melonie Nelson, Karen VanderZee,

Vicky Severson, and Dana Jacobson



1973 Kevin Schonewill 4th

1976 Marv Kleinjan 5th

1978 Dave Young 16th

1987 Travis Fenske 20th

1998 Les Kleinjan 9th

1999 Les Kleinjan 7th

1999 Andy Kleinjan 10th

2000 Andy Kleinjan 9th

2000 Chris Minor 11th

2001 Andy Kleinjan 10th

2006 Matt Fideler 19th

2010 Taylor Hauge 14th


Best Team Finish:

1999 Fifth Place: Les Kleinjan, Andy Kleinjan

Chris Minor, Jacob Mills, Jay Carlson, & Nick VandeWeerd

2006 Fifth Place: Matt Fideler, Cory Gunderson,

Donovan Koerlin, Nick Pierce, & Ryan Narveson